[GUIDE] Digital Streaming for Support

Update 1: Melon Player streaming guide for iPhone/iPad user have been uploaded.
Update 2: Revised streaming tutorials on Melon & Mnet for all devices (except Mac) are uploaded.

This is a rough guide for fans who are interested to join in for digital streaming.

Please note that some parts are taken from <ROUND 3> guide as the steps are the same.

So, when you select the songs, please select the latest songs from <TIMING> album. We will focus on streaming Hyun Joong’s title track, ‘Beauty Beauty’

Digital streaming on PC are ONLY available for Windows user currently. I am so sorry that Mac users are unable to join in for digital streaming on PC. However, you CAN still join in for digital streaming on SMARTPHONES (iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android smartphones).

Therefore, everyone is welcomed to join. I cannot stress further that this digital support is open to all fans of Kim Hyun Joong from any parts of the world! 🙂

** Please download the pdf file to your folder as links might not be able to open on Dropbox directly.

1) Streaming Tutorials for Windows user, Android user, iPhone/iPad user:
[Click here]
Melon and Mnet included in one pdf file)

2) Installation of Melon Player to iPhone/iPad user for OVERSEAS FANS:

3) Installation of Melon Player to Android smartphones for OVERSEAS FANS:

Unfortunately, overseas fans outside of South Korea are unable to stream Mnet via phones as they have blocked overseas IP to stream. However, overseas fans may still stream Mnet via PC.

For overseas fans who wish to stream Mnet via mobile, please contact global_606@daum.net or add in QQ: 2597095490 for further details.

So, fans who are interested to join in the digital streaming, kindly email global_606@daum.net to retrieve your streaming IDs and passwords. Accounts have already been topped up for you to stream, so this is entirely free.

For those who would like to make some small contributions to the digital streaming, you may also send your request to the above email.

Thank you! 😀


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