For digital streamers..


This is a note for all fans of Kim Hyun Joong who have requested or joined the digital streaming for <TIMING> support.

For a more convenient contact with other streamers in case you are facing any problems in streaming, please add yourself into the QQ group.

This is also easy for me to keep in track with all streamers! (so this is important from group leaders and also individual streamers to join yeah!)

Even if you are not a streamer, any fans of Hyun Joong may join the group as well. However, any news updates other than Kim Hyun Joong are not allowed inside the group.

It’s also great for a good tiny chatting session with other streaming members or fans.

QQ Group number: 368440565
QQ QR code: SC20140710-124101

This application is available in all devices including PC.

  • For Mac, iPhone, iPad user, search for QQ in iTunes Store.
  • For PC/Window user, download from here:
  • For Android user, search for QQInternational in Google Store.

Register for an account, login, then search for the above group number or capture the QR code to join the group.

The installation and registration is very easy, and it just need a little of your time!

Thank you.


13 thoughts on “For digital streamers..

  1. Hi! I downloaded qq in my iphone 4s and was able to sign up but when i put in the qq number for the group, it says “no results” please help 🙂 thanks!


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