Global ✮ Donations

First off, a big bow to all global donors who have made their contributions in tribute to <TIMING> support for non other than our star, Kim Hyun Joong. The donation lasted for 2 weeks, between July 11th – July 25th 2014. Be it a small or big amount, all contributions are deeply appreciated.

To avoid any confusion, a list of donors for the support this time round are listed below:

List of donors:
Name                        Amount sent               Conversion to USD$ currency

Stephanie                         SGD$138                               111.10

Claudia                              €100.00                                 134.40

Michelle                           USD$47.50                                47.50

Jacquelene                       SGD50.00                                  40.30

kelemama                        SGD$20.00                               16.10

Maro                                 ¥20,000                                  196.40

GLOBAL HENECIA            USD$276                               276.00

Total donation amount = USD$ 821.80
(as of July 25th, 2014)

As mentioned before, full amount of your contribution will be transferred to KHJ POWERFUL SUPPORTERS (PowerfulS) for Hyun Joong’s promotion activities including physical and digital album support.

For fans who have made your contribution, you may email for the Paypal details (invoice and transaction history) of your payment contribution to PowerfulS via Global Henecia.

A heartfelt thank you to all fans who have not only made their donations for the support, as well as contributing your time for the digital streaming to achieve the Miracle of 600won for Hyun Joong!! *deep bow*


If you wish to make a small contribution or any suggestion you have in mind to support Hyun Joong, please feel free to email


Global Henecia does not represent a fan club of any countries, but merely uniting fans of Kim Hyun Joong from any parts of the world to share our supports and love for Hyun Joong!

This is just a small milestone of Global Henecia together with Hyun Joong and there will be upcoming small surprise for both fans and our star. Yes, everyone is invited!!! Where? When? How? Do keep a lookout for the announcement on Twitter: @Global_606  



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