Global ✮ Project

Dear Henecians,

In case you’ve missed out the ongoing project GLOBALHENECIA is/will be doing, please check it out here. It is a project in collaboration with fans of Kim Hyun Joong from any part of the world, to create and deliver the ONE global gift to him. This is going to be special as this very one gift is going to be a combination of contribution from fans from all over the world in terms of sincerity, undying love and support for Hyun Joong.

The project has yet to be started yet and it is important you fill up this short survey here so a rough estimate of participants can be determined. It is okay foryou to comment and share under this post if you’re up to join this project, or share your ideal gift for Hyun Joong.

The format of your comment:
ID / Name:
Choice of gift: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 / Combination / Others
Your idea or suggestion for the gift: 

If you’re a representative from a fan club, you may state your fan club name as well as the number of fans under your fan club joining the project. For your information, the ID/name of fans participating in this project will be listed accordingly.

(If you have filled up the form, kindly please state your name under this post so your ID/name will be listed under the Project Contributors list below)

Since this is a project that involves everyone’ contribution, please don’t be shy to share your ideas! As for Option 1(scrapbook), do you guys have any ideas what should be the theme or how the design should be? Feel free to share your suggestion below ^^~

Thank you,
Global Henecia.


Participants joining Project 2 (The Gift)

(to be updated)


6 thoughts on “Global ✮ Project

  1. ID / Name: Siti Fatimah Zaharah
    Choice of gift: Option 1 The Scrapbook Project
    Your idea or suggestion for the gift: 
    theme that I want to suggest is the memory book of us and Hyun Joong. I never meet him but I wanted to someday. So I’ll include my hopes and dream with him 🙂

    Thank you for hosting this project. May everything come out great!

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  2. Hello =)
    Name : Heba
    County : Egypt
    Choice of the gift : Option 1 (scrapbook)

    As for the scrap book I’m not a good designer but I have some ideas that may help u =) I think a landscape orientation would b better than the Portrait one =).. The book should begin with an introduction that says how much we love HJ using simple n meaning full word n the BG behind the words maybe A pic of HJ in one of his concerts in HD while singing to fans whom r holding the light sticks up like dat latest one in his Yokohama concert n was taken by KE or a cute pic of him in HD …. For the cover I don’t have a certain idea but I think maybe HJ pic can b printed on it but a nice pic must be choosen…. U write Global Henecia ( if u r pretending to) at the top in a nice way or font… I hope this would help a little bit n Thank you so much for giving us such an opportunity to send him a memorable gift that proves to him how much we live him n Support him ^^

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    • Noted and thanks for the suggestion! 😀

      Yes it will definitely be a scrapbook with pictures that will remind of him with fans.

      We’ve mentioned right from the start that Global Henecia is not a fan club nor representing any we’ll most probably not include any logo of Global Henecia, but something else to signify the collaboration of fans globally for this project ^^

      (Global Henecia’s Twitter, blog, email are not only managed by me..there’s another HJ fan too~ on QQ, yes it’s only me!)


  3. Great ^^ I’m so excited to send him my mssg n I hope he likes da scrapbook n makes him feel happy,,, Btw Sorry for the spelling mistakes at the previous comment… *I haven’t checked it before posting actually xD*


  4. ID / Name: Angela Yoriko Figueras
    Country: Philippines
    Choice of gift: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3 / Combination / Others Combination, but i feel HJ appreciates sttuff like letters and scrapbooks more….
    Your idea or suggestion for the gift: personalized “something” like a pendant? or some other thing he can use


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