For digital streamers..


This is a note for all fans of Kim Hyun Joong who have requested or joined the digital streaming for <TIMING> support.

For a more convenient contact with other streamers in case you are facing any problems in streaming, please add yourself into the QQ group.

This is also easy for me to keep in track with all streamers! (so this is important from group leaders and also individual streamers to join yeah!)

Even if you are not a streamer, any fans of Hyun Joong may join the group as well. However, any news updates other than Kim Hyun Joong are not allowed inside the group.

It’s also great for a good tiny chatting session with other streaming members or fans.

QQ Group number: 368440565
QQ QR code: SC20140710-124101

This application is available in all devices including PC.

  • For Mac, iPhone, iPad user, search for QQ in iTunes Store.
  • For PC/Window user, download from here:
  • For Android user, search for QQInternational in Google Store.

Register for an account, login, then search for the above group number or capture the QR code to join the group.

The installation and registration is very easy, and it just need a little of your time!

Thank you.


[GUIDE] Digital Streaming for Support

Update 1: Melon Player streaming guide for iPhone/iPad user have been uploaded.
Update 2: Revised streaming tutorials on Melon & Mnet for all devices (except Mac) are uploaded.

This is a rough guide for fans who are interested to join in for digital streaming.

Please note that some parts are taken from <ROUND 3> guide as the steps are the same.

So, when you select the songs, please select the latest songs from <TIMING> album. We will focus on streaming Hyun Joong’s title track, ‘Beauty Beauty’

Digital streaming on PC are ONLY available for Windows user currently. I am so sorry that Mac users are unable to join in for digital streaming on PC. However, you CAN still join in for digital streaming on SMARTPHONES (iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android smartphones).

Therefore, everyone is welcomed to join. I cannot stress further that this digital support is open to all fans of Kim Hyun Joong from any parts of the world! 🙂

** Please download the pdf file to your folder as links might not be able to open on Dropbox directly.

1) Streaming Tutorials for Windows user, Android user, iPhone/iPad user:
[Click here]
Melon and Mnet included in one pdf file)

2) Installation of Melon Player to iPhone/iPad user for OVERSEAS FANS:

3) Installation of Melon Player to Android smartphones for OVERSEAS FANS:

Unfortunately, overseas fans outside of South Korea are unable to stream Mnet via phones as they have blocked overseas IP to stream. However, overseas fans may still stream Mnet via PC.

For overseas fans who wish to stream Mnet via mobile, please contact or add in QQ: 2597095490 for further details.

So, fans who are interested to join in the digital streaming, kindly email to retrieve your streaming IDs and passwords. Accounts have already been topped up for you to stream, so this is entirely free.

For those who would like to make some small contributions to the digital streaming, you may also send your request to the above email.

Thank you! 😀

Global Henecia: TIMING Support


A very warm greetings to fans of Kim Hyun Joong from all around the world! 😀

I am sure you already heard the news that our STAR will be releasing his 4th Korean mini album, entitled <TIMING> very soon on July 11th, 2014. Aren’t you excited to listen to his full album tracks and has the temptation to support him?

I understand that there are not many options available for overseas fans to join the support directly for his activities in Korea. But do not fret, because you can still contribute your love and support to the man!! Below are several supports in which I will be conducting for overseas fans (yes! It doesn’t matter where you are from!!) who are interested to join in:

1) Physical Support:

Fans who are interested to purchase <TIMING> album copy can make a purchase through me. Please be rest assured that your album will be counted into the Hanteo’s Album sales as the albums will be bought from Synnara. 

If you already have a copy of your own and wish to donate extra copies to boost the album sales, you can also make the album purchase through me in which I will donate the extra albums you have bought to Korean fan club, namely PowerfulS. (this is purchase to donate)

However, I will only launch this physical album bulk buy support ONLY IF I get a sufficient number of fans who are interested to purchase it through me. Otherwise, you can make your purchase from your respective local fan clubs. 

2) Digital Support:

This is where fans can most actively move their fingers to support Hyun Joong! Fans who are interested to join in for the digital streaming are utmost welcome as it is one of the most important portion in most of the music shows’ score calculation. IDs will be given for you to stream.

Do not worry if you do not have the time all day long to stream, because there will be other available fans who will help you out. Also, you don’t have to be afraid to admit you’re a first-timer in streaming or have forgotten how to stream, as tutorials have been uploaded. 

In case you really do not have time to stream but still wish to help out in digital support, you can make your donation for digital support. The amount of donation is up to personal preference and affordability. The donation for this section will be used entirely for digital streaming. If there is extra, it will also be used in other supports.

3) Donation Support: 

Coming to donation support, this is where you can donate the amount you wish for Hyun Joong’s <TIMING> album support. The amount does not matter! The full amount of donation I will be receiving will be FULLY transferred to PowerfulS for them to use as a support to Hyun Joong. 

IF there is an overwhelming response for this donation, a small portion will also be donated to other overseas fan clubs as a support for <PHANTASM WORLD TOUR 2014>. 

*****To make a donation, please email for further details.*****

So thank you for reading such a long-winded post. 🙂

These are several supports in which overseas fans can join in. Fans from any parts of the world are welcomed to join, as long as you are a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

I understand that this might be a very small-scale support, but I believe that a small move can make a big difference. I am hoping there will be more responses for Item No.2 and No.3, so are you ready to join the support? 😀


Please comment below whether you would like to join in for which support (1,2,3). You can join in for more than one support, of course. OR, to make things easier, please send in your email to in the following format and I will get back to you very soon via email!

Title: <TIMING> Support


 *1) Twitter ID/Name:

*2) Which support do you wish to join in (Support 1,2,3): 

3) FOR SUPPORT 1, please choose whether you would like to join for: (a) Purchase and obtain album copy (b) Purchase to donate (c) Both

4) FOR SUPPORT 2, please choose whether you would like to join for: (a) Digital streaming (b) Donation for streaming (c) Both

** Items with asterisk are required to fill in.


—–For item No.1, please state whether you would like to

(a) Purchase album or/and

(b) Purchase to donate

—–For item No.2, please state whether you would like to join

(a) Streaming or/and

(b) Donation

  • For the tutorial on digital streaming, please download this tutorial: [HERE]

This is not a fan club organising supports, but merely an overseas fans organising a small support for other overseas fans from all around the globe to dedicate their love and support to Hyun Joong. Hence, I do not keep any remaining amount of donations for myself NOR will I use the donation for any other purposes aside from those stated above.

For any doubts or questions to rectify and clarify, do not hesitate to email or drop a tweet at @Global_606 on Twitter.

Thank you!

(P/S: For fans who have already contacted me via email, you can remain in contact with me through the current email)